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Heater Repair in Pine Bluff

Heating & Heater Service and Repair Pine Bluff AR
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Are you looking for Pine Bluff heater repair or installation service? That’s what we do. Having your heating system maintained, repaired or installed by an experienced professional is extremely important if you want your heating system to work properly and last several years. At Mr. Plumber, our technicians can do the job fast and efficiently at affordable and competitive rates. Over the years, we’ve fixed many brands and models of heating units and we can either repair them or help you choose a heating system that you’ll love and that will last.

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Heating systems and units should last years. Don’t take shortcuts, get your heaters repaired or installed the right way. 

What types of heating systems do we repair or install?

Furnaces – Furnaces are a popular home heating systems because they have better energy efficiency, they last for years and they are more affordable than other options. We do furnace repairs and installations.

Radiant Heating – There are several reasons why people choose radiant heating to warm their homes. If you’re curious about the pros and cons of radiant heating as opposed to pump systems, give us a call and let’s talk about the best options for your home. 

Boiler Systems – Boilers are widely used, about as much as furnaces. There are lots of mechanical parts on a boiler that can fail, for example, leaky tanks, hoses or lines, or maybe the boiler isn’t heating your water. We’ve got years of experience servicing, replacing and installing boilers.

Heat Pumps – This type of system is good for cooling and heating during the entire year. It’s efficient and effective. We can install, replace or repair heat pumps.

Hybrid Heating – These are great options if you’d like to use a furnace or boiler in the winter and a heat pump during the summer. Combining the two can save money in the long run.

Geothermal Heating – If you’d like use the most efficient heating and cooling source, we can show you options that are cost effective and environmentally friendly. Give us a call and we can discuss the options. 

Ductless Mini Split Heating Systems – If you don’t have ductwork inside your walls, floors or ceilings, it’s not a problem! You’ve got options. Call us and let’s talk. 

All of these services plus more. Give us a call at Mr. Plumber today!

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