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Air Conditioning Repair in Pine Bluff

Air Conditioning Repair in Pine Bluff AR
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You need AC or Air Conditioner repair in Pine Bluff done because it’s probably too hot in your home or office and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to identify your Air Conditioner or cooling system needs a repair. You want to get your home or office cool again and all of your equipment running correctly. On top of that, you don’t want it to cost a fortune. You’ve found the right page, because we’re here to take care of you and your air conditioner.

If you have any problems concerning your AC or cooling system in Pine Bluff, Lompoc, Pismo Beach or any of the surrounding communities, Mr. Plumber is here to help. We provide same/next day or emergency services and our team are certified experts when it comes to AC or cooling. We’ve got the right knowledge and equipment and an inventory of replacement parts. When you need to fix a broken cooling system without breaking the bank, call us at (870) 407-7447.



It’s not hard to tell when your air conditioner isn’t working properly. When you have an AC or cooling problem, give us a call and we’ll fix it.

What types of AC or Cooling system symptoms do we diagnose and repair?

No Cold Air – If your AC is blowing warm air, it could be because the lines or ducts in your system are blocked, or it could be because of a damaged compressor. 

Restricted or No Airflow – If your AC isn’t blowing air, the problem could be because of a malfunctioning system, broken motors or the hoses, lines or ducts could be blocked. There could be other problems as well. We won’t know until we troubleshoot.

Turning on too frequently – If you notice that your air conditioner is running at a more frequent rate than usual, this could be a sign of a broken thermostat or other electrical problems.

Too much moisture in the air – A good AC unit should be able to access the humidity levels and monitor them. If your Air Conditioner is not keeping your humidity levels at a reasonable level, we should probably take a look at your unit.

Leaks – To keep your home cool, most AC units use refrigerant. When the refrigerant runs through the lines, condensation forms around the hoses and lines. If you see puddles of water forming under your unit, this could be a sign that there is an active leak. This needs immediate attention. 

Strange smells – If you smell something coming from your AC, like burning or another fragrant that smells off, your unit needs to be diagnosed immediately. Often times, these smells are related to serious issues that can get worse if the problem is left unresolved.

Strange sounds – Rattling, buzzing, hissing, squealing, these are the easiest and most obvious signs that your unit needs to be fixed. If you hear strange noises coming from your AC unit, call us right away so we can prevent further damage to your AC unit.  

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